Saturday, January 10, 2004

Yes Sir
I had a customer today that demanded to be called Mr so and so... haven't had one of these in a while. I politely called him Mr so and so, and he was very polite after this. But seriously I prescribe to the theory that I am Morgan Storey hence the domain and I want to be called whatever the person calling me feels comfortable, don't really care all that much when they mishear and call me Matt or James (how do you get james from Morgan), anyway so getting to the point of my rant names. Why do we place so much importance on our names there just our label, just a collection of our ancestry, they don't need to be abandoned people just need to relax about them.
I read an article the other day on smh that really makes the whole name game seem very odd to me, people seem to be placing way to much importance on it, don't get me wrong a name is important but caring so much and so little at the same time that when a couple gets married they hyphenate it or merge it. Fiona and I discussed this, it brings about a nightmare for these peoples children I seriously think my name is too long at the moment God forbid it was Morgan Parker-Barrett-Bowen-Storey... or even worse no one would ever visit my site, not that many do at the moment. I have to say I agree with Marion my mother in law, that if people care this much that their maiden name be preserved it should be used as one of their children’s middle names.
On another note as you can probably tell the page has been updated yet again, this time to remove the pesky frames that I added oh so long ago, I have kept the pretty formatting though so now i think it is just what I want... well at the moment anyway.
On another note again, when people stop hammering the Saturday scruples website I will be able to post a new scruple...yipeee... but they have breached there bandwidth usage...
Oh yeah I am nominated for Australian weblog of the year, of course I nominated myself...heheh... but wtf I thought, go here to nominate for people. Yeah I know I am vain but I nominated others.
Dear God will this guy please find his Windows 98 cd i have written most of this while I sit here still waiting...geez.
Peace out all, even those plebs still running Windows 98.
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