Monday, February 09, 2004


Now I know it is an interesting title, the point to it is that I am now in Blogger A little blog game where I post on a subject every week. The theme this week is yep you guessed it Ooops. Now admittedly I have missed the first three weeks and this is week four of ??? meh we'll see should be fun. Now on to the post.
Very apt them methinks seeing as what happened today when we took Fiona in for her first day of tafe, being the caring fiancée I am I waited to make sure everything was alright, big F'ing ooops, no teacher, they had decided to change the class to an 11am start instead of a 9am start ah well, but then this guy comes in and say sorry but all your classes are belong to us. There all different now... ffs.
What couldn't the teacher get their ass out of bed by 9 in the morning ffs... we aren't all just professional dole collecting, austudy allowed tafe students, some of are paying taxes.
Now I know this theme is probably in relation to the whole ooopsy that Janet Jackson did, what showing her tit and all, but Myself and Fiona don't think so... we thinks she did it on purpose why else was her nipple decoratively pierced... skanky...sorry all you Janet Jackson fans, but it is true, either she was going to expose her bra to a billion people or as I believe she meant to show herself as a true Silicon Sister. Again I am sorry to those who think she is talented, hey I think Michael Jackson is talented, but I know he is a freaky freak... I should stop rambling. Here is the link back to the Blogger Idol game.
Peace Out all, even skankies.
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