Friday, November 04, 2005

What we do while bored.

This is a test that I can type and people think that I am typing something important, but really I am doing some war-training... heheh...maybe I should blog this, if I find an open ap, maybe that is what I should do with my new found mobility.
So that is an excerpt from what I typed on the train on the way home. With MrHankey my "new" laptop, a rescued thin Toshiba, that actually has a decent working battery.
I am typing all this on the train, oops have to finish later here comes my stop.
Next afternoon... As usual I worked late, had to fix users problems after all, I keep saying if I do it now it will be less to do tomorrow...of course this is completely flawed and me doing work now instead of putting it off to tomorrow means more is expected of me the next day and more work rises up to take the completed works place. Ah well, tis the life we lead.
I have been contemplating an article I read why windows sucks and I agree with it... all-be-it I am currently typing this on a windows 2000 laptop in...notepad hehehe.
I especially find the statement that all "variants" of each release are the same, and when it boils down to it they are each the same, just with minor patches, so the desktop most of you are running is the same as the server you are connected to... same kernel.
Ah you in the know may say, but linux is just a kernal, it is all the same kernal from desktop to server... not 100% true considering most desktops don't have the smp kernal installed but true all the same, see windows server was built on a desktop kernal. Linux as a desktop has a kernal that was built for a server... see why windows sucks.
Of course this and the fact that most linux programmers are uber-geeks is part of the reason for linux's slow uptake, not user friendly enough.
Ubuntu is changing that but it needs a shove, Windows Vista and its DRM (Data not Really yours Mate). DRM will mean you may not be able to run even a program you write, or may all of a sudden be denied access to your own files..lovely. I am sticking to 2k/xp and linux, this pc only has 2000 as A it has an oem license and I need to connect to windows VPN's and use windows only netstumbler.
On an awesome note Geoffrey is two months old... he is laughing, commando crawling and being infinitely cute...
So this is what I think about on the train, oops almost my stop l8r.
So anyway the lateness of this post is due to me remembering about it after coming back from the toilet.
Peace out all.

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