Tuesday, November 15, 2005

haw haw, dats Funny

I have seen some funny things in my life. Including episodes for Family Guy, South park, and many others. But real life takes the cake. Geez it is hard to think of examples when I put myself on the spot like this. But a recent one comes to mind, I received an email that said Our internet connection is down...huh?
I suppose this isn't the first such incident, while working for a internet service provider; "my connection is down" (then from the background, the unmistakable sound of outlook express receiving an email) "then what was that I would say", "oh I can get my email, but my internet connection is down, fix your damn network"
Heheh, all fun.
It is good to see Geoffrey has inherited his Mother and Fathers sense of humour, finding laughter in almost anything.

Isn't he a cutie, yes he has started to laugh more, spent an hour on the couch last night tickling him and making silly faces, I even said to him that his smiles and laughter are like nicotine for me, "hmmm addictive" :)
Peace out all.

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