Tuesday, October 11, 2005

This is a confusing world we live in

I wrote this in a note on my pda on the train from and too work this morning, so forgive it's bad grammar and rambling nature.
After reading a fairly ominous article linked from the front page of one of my favourite websites overclockers, I wanted to know more on the subject did a quick google, and surprise surprise its unsubstantiated clap trap. But that gets me to thinking how much do we hear straight from the source... Next-to-nothing it is all filtered through some third party.
For example who is to say that in China this post isn't changed to espouse the virtues of the communist government, or that in America the word Australia is replaced with U.S.A...heheh and if cnnnn is to be believed some Americans geography leaves a lot to be desired.
Even the independent media available on the net goes through proxies gateways and routers who is to say it is not changed...well I don't think it is. But the big media companies certainly put there own slant on things. For example I saw on the cover of MX (a free newspaper in Sydney owned by Murdoch) an article on the new employee privacy laws, when I used to pickup this paper it was very biased and one sided but this article did effect my job and my clients, so I almost picked it up, till I remembered this was not the source but some filtered, biased version of the truth, I decided there that I would instead go to the source; the Australian industrial relations website.
So what have we learnt today, well in newspapers take everything with a grain of salt, on the net take everything with a pound of salt unless it is corroborated by several reputable sources, which is why I like sites like google-watch and wiki-news, (news that you submit yourself.
Peace out all, even our more creative journos and controlling billionaires.

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