Saturday, April 19, 2008

Hey nice set a wheels

Today we bought a new car. A Hyundai Elantra. You know you are getting old when not once in a car sale conversation power or speed come up. It was all about saftey. I will say one thing the salesmen at Hyundai in Pennant Hills do a damn good job, they had has a pegged and sold on every feature they suggested.
So in two weeks we should have some new wheels, with more room for the little ones, and a bit more power and fuel economy for us. We plan on keeping it for as long as possible which is why we went the new car, and a 5 year unlimited Kilometer warranty really got us.
In other news I am really liking admining my new server. It is so easy now to admin apache and bind. I didn't even get around to installing a web admin package everything by hand is easier. Heh and again deny-hosts did its thing and blocked some compromised zombies, or script kiddies. People really need to program there bots better, trying username: "root" and password: "password" repeatedly till you are blocked is about a smart as piece of granite.
Peace out all, even those on the darkside; the botmasters.

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