Wednesday, July 06, 2005

You have lost the lead

I got quake 3 working on linux the other day, I am so proud of myself, truth be told though it took less time than the install to Fiona's pc. Even the updates and mods seem to work ok, very cool, I still need to reinstall my os due to wrongly partitioning it when I installed, I probably should have given more than 5gb for my root partition...
I worked out where I had seen that thing in Mexico, a game I owned on our Amiga500 back in the early 90's SimEarth, one of the technological phases of sentient life was the Nanotech age its icon here: pretty similar with that Mexican thing hey?
My site btw has been down the last few days as for some reason my raid5 array decided it wanted to go offline a few times, you have no idea how sickly I feel when faced with losing all my data, photos and what not, especially scary when disc management says two drives in the set failed.
I am in the process of backing up the whole array to the 300gb sata drive I have then, I may see if I can rebuild it on a hardware controller, rather than this software one, which seems to be both flaky and slow... definitely losing the lead.
Hehe nice how I tied the heading into the opening paragraph and the last one huh.
Baby is due in 7 weeks today, so exciting, I actually saw an arm the other day as it move underneath Fiona's skin, taking a swipe at her internal organs because she had leaned forward a little too much, funny. I can't wait to meet the little guy, and I can't wait for Fiona to feel better. We learnt he likes Queen, Evanescence and Anastasia... kid has good taste :)
Peace out all Especially our dancing little Foetus.

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