Thursday, July 07, 2005

I am a Hacker

Well according to this shockwave movie I am... Yes I do own a wireless network antenna, and hey I have used some of the tools they mentioned, hell I have even cracked wep, but nefarious means were not my intention. I wrdrive cause I find it fun, I cracked 64bit wep at an old workplace I already knew the key but wanted to see if I could do it, and I own an antenna, cause I thought it would be cool, and again to see if I could build one myself, turns out I can.
I do agree though with the subtext of the movie, peoples wireless networks are way to insecure, and tools to hack them are easier to use than tools to protect them, but they do over-dramatise it just a little (see lots). Likelihood that you will get "hacked"...low, unless their is something the hacker wants, I don't consider myself a hacker, just a geek, and what they showed were the tactics of script kiddies, not hackers...
These people need to read the ethical hacker, and see that not everyone who owns a car with a wireless antenna on the roof is out to "steal your identity" or "read your emails" goddamn emails of other people are boring, and hell they are sent in plain text across the net anyway.
I think the site has some good idea's but probably go over the top to impress these idea's on n00bs. Maybe I will write an article if I get time on how to do your own site survey, a sort of response to this self promoting propaganda.
Peace out all, even Lucidlink with their n00b scaring tactics.


Anonymous said...

don't you think that people should be aware that their network is exposed and that people can easily access their info? if i had a wireless network it wouldn't make me feel much better to know that you could easily get in and potentially do damage and read emails and all the rest. just because you say that you won't and it doesn't interest you doesn't mean that the next guy won't. also, i don't know you - why should i trust you with my info that i don't want you to read - even if you are too "bored" to actually do it.

i just don't understand the idea that because you aren't interested in acutally doing damage - that that means that it isn't something that people should be concerned with. if you want to break into my house just to prove that you can do it - it doesn't make me feel that much better that you SAY that you aren't going to steal anything or hurt me

Morgan said...

I don't hack into wirless networks, the only reason I have seen the occasional email is because I am a network admin and I am sometimes tasked to go through email, or innadvertently see some when I am working on someones pc, and on the most part they are boring...
Personally I do think people should be told and when I first got into wardriving it was with the intent to do so, until Fiona pointed out that it is illegal, now I don't really wardrive just play with my signal and I like collecting funny ssid's like one I found a few weeks ago
BTW you should have ID'd yourself, I don't even know if you will get this reply, but then again I don't get your point, if I tell someone by any means that I have broken into their network... I will get in trouble... I will be the bad guy even if my intentions were benign, hell even if all I did was put a file on a network share to make them aware of said insecurities, that would be breaking the law and if caught I would get in trouble.
No I think I am not going to risk fines or jail time for someone who may not even want to listen to what I have to say.
If I win lotto then maybe I will start my charitable consultancy and post flyers to assist in repairing the fallibilities of some wireless configs.

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