Monday, November 03, 2003

Went to SGL on the weekend, posting from my new job at It is with the holy optus cable the grail of call centre
Sgl was good, forgot to take my half life cd with me so I didn't get any games of cs in, very disappointing, but I got a game of Battlefield in, it wasn't too bad, but a bit laggy, played online last night with less
Got into work nice and early this morning, 7:50 for an 8:30 start ah well... It is nice to be back in a large company with room to move and not so much responsibility, sure WDS was easy, but so is here, evidently.
Got r2d2 upgraded, bought a dual motherboard with dual 1.3ghz athlons on board from a guy on bought a 512mb ddr2100 ECC ram chip and a 550w antec truepower powersupply from matrixmicro, note to self expressly tell matrix to stop using couriers please, they suck the big one.
Anyway server was up and running for the Lan, damn it is good, so fast and doesn't crash as it used to...I love being able to set programs
Peace out all.

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