Sunday, September 07, 2003

Saturday Scruples
Firstly, why does it say on Saturday scruples website; that it was posted on the 5th of September...that isn't a Saturday. what the...? Anyway onto the post.

1. Your bicycle has been stolen. At the police station you're shown an identical bike that isn't yours. Do you claim it?

Hell no, besides my current bicycle is pretty crappy and I would have pity on the other person that lost there’s...But I have been in this situation, back in my schooling days (except then it wasn't a bike)... and I did then what I would do know, I would say yeah that is the same as mine, but that one isn't mine, that one belongs to some other unfortunate soul...LOL

2. You're standing on a corner. Someone in a car smiles and waves at you. You don't have a clue who this person is. Do you smile and wave back?

Probably I do it myself so often that I would have to the amount of times I have waved at someone or said hello to someone who I am sure was someone I knew only to realise moments later after I have got a better look at them, that I don't know them at all... do unto others..and all that... mustn't make them realise there stupidity as i would want them to do to me...heheh

3. You're buying a car from someone who has lost his job and needs to sell. Do you offer much less than it's worth?

No, no and no, obviously if they have lost there job I don't want to add to their stress levels, I would offer them what the car is worth to me, and what I can afford there losing there job would have little impact, that being said I purchased a laptop from someone online and they wanted 1500 for it I knew they he wasn't in the best of circumstances and so as to secure the auction win I emailed the guy and offered 1600, aren't I a, but that isn't the point I try and treat others as I would like to be treated and I try to be fair and equal, not much more you can ask for...

Happy fathers Day to all the Dads out there, going to see Dad tonight.
Well peace out all.

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