Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Saturday Scruples! 1. The pregnancy has been confirmed, but you're both single and in school. You're not ready to become parents. Do you arrange an abortion?

I myself am male...der, so it would be impossible for me to say do this do that, it really depends on what she wants to do, yeah in this scenario I'm in school whoop de doo, people used to be like 14 when they had kids, I would support her either way...But not being trailer park trash (I kidd I kidd) I wouldn't get into this situation.

2. You're playing badminton with a very competitive person. You discover s/he has a disability, a blind spot. Do you take advantage?

No, heheh I can sympathise with this, I used to play squash with my dad all the time, he has a blind spot... anywhere in front of his face...LOL, no I wouldn't take advantage I wouldn't even think about it.

3. In the middle of your evaluation, your boss is called away. Your personnel file is left open. Do you glance at it?"

I don't think anyone can honestly say they wouldn't sneak a quick peek if they knew they wouldn't get caught, seriously, besides the fact that it is law in Australia that you are allowed to see your personnel file...so feet up and have a read :P

Not much else to say, going to a LAN on Saturday...awesome...WLF here I come, trying to decide between Upgrading my home network to gigabit or changing r2d2 over to a Dual 1.3ghz machine, so difficult these choices life gives us...LOL
Peace out all.

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