Thursday, November 27, 2003

insert wavy lines, Its flashback time
For those who don't know the internet has been round a damn long time, and I am coming up to my first decade online... that is right, and scary, I have been surfing and trolling and chatting and well being my online presence for almost ten years, so it is time for a little flashback brought on by finding this site, a little trip back in time, check out "the emulator" section, very funky, check out netscape navigator and even internet explorer, back when i first started using it, netscape was the only browser to use, IE suxed the big one, and that is what websites looked like gotta love the grey background.
On looking through these emulators I found a link to a post on the IE emulator, I am pretty sure I have read it before, it is what originally deterred me from using frames on this site, how easily I crumbled, when I read it, it reaffirmed my vigour for disliking frames to an extent, so be prepared for a major change (again) to remove the frames and make it look all schmick, like other sites I visit.
Frames are bad and good people don't use them :P
I got rid of my inline frame, I learnt to live without it, I am sure my top and side frames will not be difficult to remove, maybe while I am at it I can learn to use style sheets instead...hmm
Well Peace out all, even those who are determined to undermine the "ease of use of the web" with their icky frames.
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