Friday, November 21, 2003

Damn it is funky having a web server
So my web server is now up an running this page is being hosted there right now...awesome, gone are the day of size and serving restrictions, no ads sweeet. The best bit I was trying to send an attachment to someone and they for one reason or another couldn't receive it and I wasn't gonna troubleshoot via said email... so I just copied the attachments to my webserver and gave the address to them, awesome. But the best bit, hello to the Linux user, I have had one, and hello to the saudi's, french and swiss, goddamn I love server logs. Admittedly the linux user only viewed the front index webpage then went this is crap I was looking for something else and left...his/her ip was not able to reverse looked up too...weird. The other people from around the globe actually had a pretty good look through the page at more stuff than I think people I know look at, right through almost everything.
Should do a website of the week haven't done one in a while so here it is.
I think the funniest thing about this is the picture at the start, but it is a good guide, gonna put it on my lan page, btw I am having a LAN party this weekend so all who read this can come if they want, send me an email for info, and/or check out MyLAN website
Well I am at work and I am typing this on a crampamatic MAC keyboard, I feel icky... so better get back to it.
Peace out all.

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