Friday, September 26, 2003

Woah another post how presumptuous of me...LOL
Well I said there was a big one coming... Some things have happened over the last week that are all good, and need to be blogged...LOL. I got a new better paying job with Optus cable, YES....heheh. It is where Fiona is already working. Awesome. So I am moving there as one of my Mates is moving here...ah well... On to other things, one of our clients bought the website from us, and I got annual leave so that I can go to LRP, and with the new job I am more likely to have weekends off so I can go to LRP and LAN's woohoo...
Anyway, I should do as I promised and post Saturday Scruples!
1. A good friend confesses he's HIV positive. He's terrified to tell his spouse. Do you?

Hmm this is a difficult one, if I know he may endanger his wife’s life then there is no way I wouldn't tell her, if he is worried for her safety and is just scared to lose her then that is understandable, still I would pressure him to be honest as soon as possible.

2. You need one number to win the jackpot at BINGO. The stranger beside you also needs one number and its been called. Do you tell her?

Hmm I was never very good at bingo, get distracted to easily, if I have one number left to win them I am surprised there still calling the draw... I probably wouldn't notice she had one number left, let alone that I had one left... but yeah I would tell her.

3. The taxi driver you get at 2 a.m. is drunk and driving recklessly. After he gets you home shaken but in one piece, do you report him?

YES, wtf does this happen? yikes I know some of them are bad, some of them can't drive for shit and a lot of them are just the biggest ahole drivers, but some get drunk ffs, I would ask him to stop if I suspected that and call and report him the moment I saw him drive away, I don't care what his circumstances are there is no excuse to endanger his own life, my life and the lifes of pedestrians.

Well that’s another Saturday scruples done... Sorry bout the rant. More to follow, my site may go down for a bit as I move to my new job as the hosting I am currently using is at WDS (the company I currently work for) so I will either move it to free hosting or host it myself...

Weekly Website
Well I didn't have one last week so I'll have to have two this week, besides these are funny. First off the bat is

The Amazing AngelGrinderMan

Spiel: "This is the Web-Site of Angle-Grinder Man, the U.K.’s first wheel-clamp and speed camera vigilante cum subversive superhero philanthropist entertainer type personage."

Favourite Quote: "*Footnote: This, of course, does not include Tony Blair who I have seen with my own eyes, turning water into wine and healing sick children, whilst holding the finger-tips of each hand, against those of the other, in the ‘raised steeple’ gesture and smiling piously. Amen."

My Thoughts: We don't really have too many wheel clamps in Australia as far as I am aware, but his dislike of the government (some who is theoretically answerable to us) making money of us is good, and his satirical humour is very good.

Conclusion: Meh I can see the reasons for a wheel clamp and speed some cases (speaking from someone who a few weeks ago got booked) but then again using at as a revenue spinner is just plain wrong. If someone is dangerously speeding or has like parked in an ambulance spot then yeah fine book there arse to kingdom come, but speeding up to the speed limit just up the road in a safe manner that is stupid. "When will they learn the system doesn't work"

Next Website of the week:

EbaumsWorld Soundboards

Spiel: "All I can say is that it seems as though making prank phone calls are back in style. I am overwhelmed by the people who request these calls every day."

Favourite Quote: what else could I pick but "English MotherF^(
My Thoughts: Awesome sight, brilliant idea, everyone at work was joking that they wanted to use this on a call to a customer, of course the Jack Nicholson soundboard would be best for this, anyway, it is an awesome Idea...LOL

Conclusion: Not really useful for me as I would never aid or abet a prank call "how come there are no fat people in your infomercials...*uproarious laughter*", "The number you have dialled is incorrect, please check the number and dial again...*uproarious laughter again*" LOL

Well onto a bit of a post I said it was gonna be a long one...
Happy Birthday for the 22nd Mum. I had to go to tafe but went to mums Friday night to celebrate.

Fiona's birthday was on the 23rd, it was awesome, we got to sleep in ahhh sleepppp... then got up and took her to Symbio Zoo. A different kind of Zoo than most people are used to, you get a lot closer to the animals, got to feed the Kangaroos and emus... and Fiona got to hold the squirmy little wombat. Damn Seppos (USA peeps) one pointed to a Koala in a tree and went look (insert Childs name here) I think it was Dianna, but that could be the taint of what Fiona and I get called by them, how do you get Dianna from Fiona, better yet Bob from Morgan... and they don't say Di-anna, they say it anywho she said to her kid look a Wombat...I was was funny though, poor Fiona was so jumpy, a Deer sneezed and Fiona jumped about 3 feet in the air...LOL and several other incidents similar...LOL... I mercilessly made fun of her later, unfortunately I was in ribbing distance and got several jabs in the ribs, well worth it though :P
It was very cool, I'll put some photos up in the Jaunts section asap.

On tafe holiday's finally, yay, only two weeks and one of that is Optus training ah well I'll get there...
Well better rap this up before I get rsi from typing,
Peace out all.

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