Sunday, August 31, 2003

Saturday is all I seem to do on here lately
1. Your fiancé/e gives you a new video camera as a gift. When you agree to break off the engagement you're asked to return the camera. Do you?

Hmm tough one I do unto others as I would have them do unto me, I wouldn't ask for it back unless I was in dire need so I would return it.

2. Your mate wants to earn money posing nude for art classes. Do you try to prevent it?

No why should I, I know she is gorgeous definately kick the art up a notch and I know she loves me, if she really wanted to do that then why would I try and prevent it.

3. The door-to-door salesman has nothing you want. He looks haggard and forlorn. Do you buy something out of sympathy?
Nope too bad that is the business you are in thems the brakes, I have done it before and I know hey one in twenty houses may buy something that is the risk you gotta take. If he/she has been especially nice and I have time I may invite them in for a drink but that is about all.

Well not only saturday scruples today, but other stuff, yes that is right other
It was uber windy here the other day power went out and what not...hang on that was almost a week ago oops, damn I am behind, trees fell, power went out there was mass hysteria...and I sat inside answering phone ah well. Fiona has started playing counter strike with me awesome but we have to play against bots cause too many 1337 ten year olds and I am on a slow adsl know who you are :P
well I have been at work way too long home time methinks.
Peace out all.

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