Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Saturday Scrupples
Better late than never
1. Your family is hungry. You're broke and can't find a job. Do you steal?

Well der, stealing a loaf of bread to feed your family isn't stealing, "and what if you family don't like bread they prefer cigarettes, and what instead of giving them away, you sold them for a price that was practically giving them away?"...LOL but no that is fine.

2. You're awarded a major contract that requires you to be out-of-town when your wife is due to give birth. Do you turn down the contract? (women can answer this from any perspective - i.e.: the wife involved, the mate, etc.)

Hmm a tough one if the contract was my big break then probably as this could pay for the birth and may lead to a better life for the baby, Fiona and I.

3. Guests are due when your dog snatches the turkey and drags it out the door. Do you retrieve and serve it?

Hell no... pizza anyone? But I guess it depends on the guests, if there unwanted then prolly, I would just abstain saying I had a big lunch/am giving up meat...LOL

Well not much else I wanna say and I wanna go to bed...
Peace out all

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