Saturday, February 07, 2009

Hot, damn hot...

So damn hot at the moment. My Google weather toolbar says it is only 30 degrees, but I think that is taken from the city so it isn't comparable to anywhere that isn't directly on the water, least that's my excuse for my whinging and I am sticking to it.
We have made some radical changes to Geoffrey and Annes diet's, and seen dramatic changes. It all started because my new boss while I was down in Melbourne told me that his son is Gluten intolerant, and most of the symptoms bar the height matched Geoffrey.
So Fiona looked into it. Glue ear is one of the big symptoms, so we are rather annoyed that no one in the process of him getting his grommets in his ears suggested maybe changing his diet or even getting him checked? We can get him checked but it requires putting him back on the gluten, with the radical change in his personality, his rash clearing up and him seeming happier than he ever has since cutting it out, I think we will wait to do the test.
Geoffrey has gone back to a kindy that we found and is really enjoying it, his teachers are wonderful, and he really enjoys it there I think, so much so is that he gets upset on days when he isn't going, of course he doesn't want us to leave when we drop him off either.
Anne is also really coming along, yesterday on the way home for work she said Geoffrey, I turned to Fiona and said did she just say Geoffrey, she replied that she did, and then she said it again, confirmation. Geoffrey wasn't as impressed as he will be in years to come when he realises he is her first two-syllable word, with Mummy and Daddy being close firsts.
Anne has also started to assert herself and really show off her personality. She is very tough and not afraid to stand up for herself if Geoffrey is in her way. That being said Geoffrey has showed his softer side a lot. If she cries he hugs her, or cries to, if Geoffrey and Fiona are going to play he will hold the gate/door open and hold his hand out to Anne.
I had an interesting moment the other night, while trying to get to sleep in 30+ degree heat, I was thinking about the age old riddle. If you where in a boat with your young child, it capsized and you where the only one of your family not incapacitated, who would you save?
Pre children to the above quandary I would have answered; my Partner. I think even when Fiona and I were considering children I would have answered the same thing. Well my answer the other night was opposite, a very interesting change I would think. It comes back to that saying only a parent knows.
I am going to start posting this on livejournal as well as here, as people are too lazy to get a blogger account to comment here.
Peace out all.

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