Sunday, January 28, 2007

The trials of Man and Machine.

The site and other sites hosted here as you may have noticed, has been down for an extended period.
Christmas was great, Geoffrey had lots of fun playing with his cousin Jack, Isabelle and Holly, running around as best he could. He has started to vocalise himself, but not in any way that we can yet understand. He seems very annoyed and repeats himself often. He has even started to shrug in his own cute little way.
There was a problem with the powersupply on my server which temporarily took two of the discs in my raid 5 array offline, taking down the array, rather than recover the minimal backups to it, in hope of recovering some of the data from the array I had to build a new hard drive storage case for r2d2, thus the time gap.
All back and good though. Lessons learnt and server better than it was before.
I recently attended the open day of the Linux Australia conference and helped out on the Ubuntu-AU stand. It was lots of fun, got to play around with some immersive computer technology, and got to play with the One Laptop per Child laptop... very cool.
Got to meet some people I have only heard about. Like Theodore Ts'o;one of the main designers of the ext3 file system, used fairly heavily in linux and I met Jono Bacon; One of the incredibly funny stars of LugRadio possibly the funniest audio shows I have heard since the GoonShow. He is also an avid free-software advocate, author and employed member of Canonical: Ubuntu's parent company. It was a great day and has pushed me to get some more stuff done here and in the community. A lot of my projects I had on hold have been started up this week, Stu and MrTeeny are being built, and I intend to try and run an Ubuntu stand at a local computer fair to get the word out.
So all in all it has been a busy while since I last posted. Peace out all.

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