Sunday, September 17, 2006


So lots of exciting stuff happening, only quick cause I gotta go soon.
Got a new job, with a company called Insight Integration so far a very good
job, good company, and great people to work with. Like usual in IT very
busy, but that's good, and it is fun.
New job gave me time off too as I am off on a cruise today (Yippie), all
packed and ready to go. You can see how the boat is going on their webcam

My new webserver is up and running, Linux Ubuntu dapper, and Apache, so
much better, secure and stable which is good, also the whole os and data
is on Raid so no issues with failed discs, I was going to do the set-up
manually, but I got lazy and at the last minute used some scripts and
web-based administration. So the pages hasn't changed just the server
that is running it.
Funnily enough mere minutes after setting up some security on ssh I
checked the logs to find some twit from Korea had attempted to brute
force hack in, he has since been blocked and reported :P. If you wanna
have a go/look at his site, where he seems to be running some kind of
web-based disk access it is here
Peace out all, even stupid script kiddies in Korea.

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