Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Its the little things

Fiona and I went out to see X-Men3 the other night, the first time we have been out together alone since before Geoffrey was born, it was fun, but as they say absence makes the heart grow fonder, we both game home and hugged the little guy for ages.
He is growing up so fast, his first tooth is now almost fully in and a second can just be felt on one of his gums. He is eating about three meals a day, and when he feels like it he even holds his head still and opens his mouth.
All these big meals sure are giving him a lot of energy though, he lay on the floor for almost an hour the other night kicking his feet against the ground and laughing. It's either that or he is off exploring. I have so far followed him to the front door, halfway into the kitchen and all the way to our bedroom.
I have been studying for my next test, and find that my Desktop is best as it is away from the distraction of the TV, I use my laptop as well via synergy (very cool, allows keyboard and mouse to be shared between two computers, so two monitors, but separate cpu's),
anyway Geoffrey being the adventurer that he is wanders out to see me from time to time, and I will be listening to something or absorbed in reading something else, when I hear "heheh", I turn and there is his cute little face looking up at me.
He is so terribly cute, Fiona has added some more pictures to his website as well, see here.
On a technical aside, the web server was down for a little while as its disks kept failing, this was due to the current power supply not being able to power both array’s, it will be down again as I am cutting over to a new server C3P0, which will mean no more IIS (ahhhh) and Microsoft (what are you doin’ man), and sweet little Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper server running apache and all the other Linux Free software goodness, hey I may even get rid of blogger and just use wordpress or some such.
In more technical news, I accidentally on firefox on my Ubuntu laptop the other day typed an address wrong, something like http//google.com and lo and behold it took me to microsoft.com very odd, so I searched and found out it is simply because Firefox searches Google from the address bar (going to the first link, like their "I am feeling lucky button" and Microsoft have done some nasty Google seeding to get themselves ranked number one for the search term "http", see here.
So in response HTTP
Nyeh :)
Oh and the below linkage is to get my blog registered with technorati... for no reason in particular.
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Peace out all.

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