Sunday, March 20, 2005

"What is this a monthly thing"

No offence intended with the above quote, but seriously, I am posting only once a month at present which is not good, gotta get everyone up to speed on so much.
Firstly and foremost-ly, in August I am going to be a father. Yes Fiona and I are going to be parents, we have a little one on the way, sex yet to be determined. Names not open for discussion, until baby is born... though I think I'll register a domain name once I know the sex.
Second; sorry but the website was down, maybe as my server at home was not responding due to me playing too much.
Thirdly; sorry about listing out my points :P
I just saw the Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith trailer, and though omfg this is going to be sweet, even bought the vanity fair issue which had a rather interesting read on it. I thought if this movie lives up to the hype that is in the trailer then I am going to be one happy geek... that is until I saw the Revelations trailer, which was much better, and independent, and although in the vanity fair article, Lucas himself said he would move back to independent type films after star wars was finally done. This makes the next little snippet rather humorous, one of the independent star wars films(there are a lot see here) that someone made was premiered a little while ago which Lucas actually attended was sent into a spin when Lucas stood up in the middle and through a hissy fit and walked out. Rather humorous.
Ew guess what else, I think I saw Natalie Imbruglia on the bottom level of the QVB the other day, I can't be sure as I am not a big enough fan, hey I bought her sisters album, (puts on "don't stray from my site") oh and I don't know whether I wrote this story on here, but I saw George Lucas I am pretty sure about a year ago.
See it was when Fiona and I were living in Sutherland, and we went out late one night to the coles supermarket, about 10:30, and we were about to walk down the frozen section isle, when I held Fiona back and said, that is George Lucas, she said no its not, what would he be doing here. Anyway we continued on our way, and outside to the car... Parked next to us was a Volvo v70 with a sticker in the windscreen that said FOX Studios access pass... 2+2=4 it was George Lucas.
Ah well as Fiona said it was right not to bother him, he was probably out that late so he wouldn't be bothered.
Anyway I have rambled enough. And given everyone enough to digest.
Peace out all.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you didn't get to meet Master Lucas.
Maybe we should call our baby George to make up for it. Inspired by the man in the dairy section. If its a girl, Georgina. Of course I am just kidding we are not discussing names. :)

Morgan said...

No offense to all the Georges (except a certain next door neighbour) and Georgina's I have known or will know. But I would never call a child that, possibly lucas but that name has already been taken by one of our friends, maybe another geeky idea would be Seven as in Sienfeld Quote and Fiona's favourite movie, or D'Argo as I am a bit of a farscape fan...hmmm

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