Monday, December 15, 2003

Another Year over
Well almost tafe is finished, done, kaputsky. It was fun while it lasted, a bit on the easy level, but that’s expected hope I can do it next year, hope next year I don't feel like pulling my hair out due to its being aimed low... No offence to the noobies that were in the class they picked it up pretty quick, but myself and the other people who knew what a hard drive was should have been allowed to skip ahead with no detriment to is not my fault I am smart...arse...heheh. Though I was paid a rather nice insult (???) yes I said insult, I am sure it was meant to be an insult but I took it as a great complement cause that is the kind of pompous and conceited guy I am... heheh I kid I Kid... the insult/complement was "You sure do read a lot, don't you Morgan". This was after I was blabbering on about the chip I mentioned in an earlier post, then I started to look at the junk I read, the register, penny-arcade, annanova, smh, overclockers, the almighty zzz, and New scientist and atomic (eww hardcopy) damn maybe I do read a lot... ah well same teacher also gave me another complement/insult, well have to complete it later someone else needs this pc, l8r
Welcome back to this year in review...
Well back at work it is the next day now where was I? Oh yeah the other complement insult from one of my tafe teachers... She said "Obvious someone who will be a network engineer one day" After I did a presentation that was suppose to be short that went for 40minutes on network technologies.... heheh uber geek :P
So to recap my year, WDS, Tafe, Engaged :) and Now Optus, and own dual cpu web server...heheh there in chronological order trust me...
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