Monday, February 09, 2009

Another post in only a few days very surprising, well I have a bit to say and forgot to say it the other day.
I had a wonderful Christmas, and lots of fun with the kids. I thought I posted about it but obviously not.
Fiona got me a Doctor Who sonic screw driver and an incredible present of a portrait of Geoffrey, painted by our favourite painter (Fred Marsh), it was a picture of possibly my favourite picture of Geoffrey to date.
We ate lots of seafood over Christmas but managed to put on little weight which was good.
We also managed to get a really good Family Photo with Santa Claus, and I think Geoffrey gets Santa and Christmas are good things now, especially with the inundation of presents he received, don’t worry Anne got her fair share as well.
Then after the initial Christmas orgy of presents, Fiona got me another present, I don't know why I deserved it but she got it anyway, a Flickr Pro account, so go to and click on MobileBlog to be redirected there. I upload photos from my phone all the time so it is sure to be updated, more often than my blog has been :P
In other news and on to the topic of this post, public humiliation. I read an interesting blog post the other day here.
To surmise though it quotes Paul Graham, programmer, entrepreneur and venture capitalist who says:
One of the most interesting things we’ve discovered… is that [people] are more motivated by the fear of looking bad than by the hope of getting millions of dollars. So if you want to get millions of dollars, put yourself in a position where failure will be public and humiliating.
So on that note, I am going to let the world know of my intentions in a plan to humiliate myself into succeeding.
By the end of next year I hope to have my CISSP; an extremely high certification in IT Security. Not only that but before then I hope to have the following certifications; CCNA, CCNA:Security, CCSA, CCSE, LPIC 1, LPIC2 and LPIC 3:Security, OSPC, Security+, CEH, and finally Upgrade My MCSE to MCITP:Enterprise.
I have told people this off hand, but never written it in public, and let the world know. I am doing these only really for self satisfaction, and to get my knowledge recognized. It does however take time to fill in the gaps. So after 6 months of being to tired, busy, or interested in what my rack is doing or what is on TV, I started back on my boring CCNA the other night.
Wish me luck.
Peace out all.

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