Sunday, August 10, 2008

Off to the zoo

So today we went to the Zoo and Geoffrey let something interesting go. He knows how old he is about to be. When asked when he felt like it he replied with are hearty THREEEE. Ahh it is good to see. It has been about six months since his operation and he is picking up new things everyday.
Anne is walking and has added to her repitore of Mama and Dada and Baba other interesting little noises and words. She got a new little outfit that was terribly cute, a pair of stockings with a bustle at the back, to go perfectly with her little yellow dress with pedicoat. We had lots of fun at the zoo before the down-pour began.
Speaking of downpours I heard it snowed again in NSW, just south of Wollongong last week. That makes two 100+year events in the last few weeks, the weather certainly is variable at the moment. I heard a good saying the other day "Climate is what you expect, weather is what you get", it certainly is what we have been getting lately: Short bursts of rain, followed by nice hot days, when will it end.
Peace out all

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