Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Wedding Day

YAY, I am so excited, Fiona is out in the dining room getting her hair done, I of course am not allowed to look so am in here in the computer room, typing this entry to keep myself occupied.
Damn, damn excited.
We got the cake, goddamn it is good, everyone in the store was commenting on how good it looked when we picked it up, we also got the hire car, which is good too, they gave us a free upgrade to a calais, very nice to drive even if it is an auto, auto everything, though, the lights auto come on when it is dark enough, the aircon auto adjusts to the temp you set it to, as quickly as possible though, cruise control, 6 stacker cd with little buttons on the steering wheel to adjust volume track/station etc. I want one :)
But back to the cake I'll post some pictures later, possibly from where we are going on our honeymoon, if I don't have internet access till I get back I will type out the journal while we are away and post it when I get back.
Everything looks gorgeous, of course the whole day is not going to be without it's hiccups, my stepfather's plane from Singapore was cancelled so he has had an interesting time wheeling and dealing his way back into Australia in time for the wedding, of course this means some minor re-arrangements, but it'll be ok I just know it.
Feel like I should be doing something but there is not really that much left to do, just gotta get ready and I was intending on doing that at mums place. Might fire up a game of quake 3 or something, kill some badies to get my stress out.
Peace out all. Except orbb cause you suck.
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